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              Cabbage Patch Clothes I have Made.

                                            (May not be available in the same colors)

       Jacket                             Feet Jammies and Nighties                    Bib Overalls, Shorts and Shirts

    Christmas Elf             Pilgrim Lady        Policeman                 Fireman                     Cheerleader

     Country Couple                  Short Set                       Frog Jammies          More Feet Jammies

 Coat& Bonnet            Pink dress               Green Bibs          Jeans & Shirt (Marco)  Teal Cords and shirt

   Wedding gown & tux          Dress/Pinafore   Dress & Slip     Dress & Bonnet       Gowns

 Rose Satin              Green Taffeta    Bikini

      MOST  items are available in other colors and prints if they are not available in color shown.            

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