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                                    Feedback page for Lila's Dolls from happy customers
                                    (after 3 years of sewing I decided I needed this page)
            These notes were cut from the original letters of the customers. Thanks to all.

     1.   I just love the wedding dress & veil.  It looks adorable. From Marge

     2.   It's Michelle - - I LOVE the clothes!  We will send you a picture of Michael and I so you can see how
           cute his clothes look!
           You really did a nice job on everything.  My Mom thinks so too!
           We just wanted to email you to say Thank You!!  So THANK YOU!

    3.  i love Clementines(monkey) dresses they are all great. i will be wanting more. I just found some red material with
        Mickey mouse heads  on them they look pretty cute. i think I will get it and send it.        Thanks Tammy

    4. The clothes look very, very cute. Thanks for making them so promptly. Susan

    5.  I wanted you to know that my grandson, Jacob, was very pleased with the boy doll clothes.  I gift wrapped
       them and he opened them for Christmas. Thank you again.  The clothes turned out great. Glenda

    6. I'm ready for some more clothes for my cp doll!  From the "Clothes I Have Made" pictures --
        I got the clothes. Thanks, everything is great. I love the black velveteen. You did a good job. Everything fits fine.

    7. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday.  I dressed her Cabbage Patch in hisnew outfit and wrapped him up.
        She was THRILLED when she opened the package and discovered Ainslie had new clothes
       (ones that really fit him). Thank you for helping make her 17th birthday special.  Tina

    8. I received the cabbage patch jammies in the mail today.  They're adorable.  I immediately put them on the doll.
        They fit well.  I've kept the dimensions on file and when she's ready for a change, I'll be sure to be in touch.

  9.  Got the dress & veil Wed or Thursday. They are so beautiful.  The dress and veil fit perfectly. Everyone
       I have shown them to just loves them. Thanks so much for all your hard work.  Thanks again, Marge S.

 10.We received the clothes and they are GREAT!!  Beautiful dress!  and the nightie is a hit!!  No problem with the
     pants.  Amanda is even able to change Dolly now--that's the key here.  I am very very pleased.   I'll be ordering more i
     in the near future. Also, you were so quick in responding!!  Thanks again. Rhonda P. (Amanda's Mom)

 11. The jumper set and dress look great! Thanks.

 12. It's here  and cute , Thanks Ann

 13.Here's (below) Jed Gilly in his new outfit.  I think he's absolutely adorable.  Thank you so much.  I took this pic right
      away and emailed it to our kids.  Cynthia

 14. Everything is Great. Just what I was hoping for. (Business suit).

 15. Rachelle  wrote: I received the cheerleader skirt and top yesterday.  The outfit is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks a
       million Lila!

 16. Craig  wrote: I received the new suit of clothes on Tuesday (yesterday).  Tried them on and they fit and look great.
        The tie is a nice touch.  I'm very pleased. Thank you.  Craig

  17. I just wanted you to know that I received the package, and the clothes look and fit great.  Thanks.    NaQueen.

  18. Amy wrote: we got them and the kids love them.... thanks again!

  19. The clothes arrived yesterday, and they are darling.  You did a good job.  Thanks so much. Linda H.

  20. WOW are you fast!!! I received the dresses yesterday.  They look great!!

  21. Well I finally had time to put those georgeous dress on.  They look great. The fit is good to and they match my
         room.  Thanks again. Donna.

  22.  Those are SO CUTE!!! You did a wonderful job, thank you very much! When I get my little girl preemie (she's
         also a teeny tiny) I love the clothes, thank you again :) Chanda

 23. hello!  they are very nice .. fantastic job! Thank you very, very much!       Linda

 24. My friend got the jammies and loves them.  Thanks! Deborah

 25. Just wanted to let you know the outfit came today and I just love it.  Thank you so much.  Sincerely,Donna

 26. Hi Lila: Gracie looks lovely in her Witch costume.  It fits perfectly.  My mother just loves it.  She said you are
       a genius. The under wear is perfect for both Gracie & Belamy. Belamy's cat costume is great.  Janet Rae

 27. I received the Cabbage Patch Police Officer uniform in the mail yesterday. Thank you.  It fit perfect!!! Roberta

 28. Hi Lila:  Everyone loved the halloween outfits.  Janet

 29. Two more complete successes: perfect fits, perfectly adorable! And the flannel is soooooooooooo cozy.

 30.  MY GOSH THOSE CLOTHES ARE BEAUTIFULLY MADE!!!!! I just got those clothes yesterday, and they are          beautiful. I wish there was a place to leave you feedback  I would like to have you make some more doll clothes. Monica


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